What is Salesforce? Why Salesforce?

Salesforce is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system built on cloud computing technology. Salesforce offers many products (Sales Cloud, Service Cloud etc.) businesses can customize and use. Salesforce also has a platform (Force.com) to develop new business applications which are called Force.com apps.  

How much computer programming background do I need to attend this session ?

All you need is a basic computer skills to attend this training.

Do I need to bring a laptop?

We highly recommend you to bring your own laptop. We will not provide laptops for participants.

Do I need to do any preparation upfront to follow the program better, Is there any information ?

Salesforce provides an online learning tool called Trailhead, which provides step by step instructions. We encourage you to do the Admin Beginner trail. Please click here to begin.

Can I get a Salesforce account. Is there any cost associated? 

You can sign-up for free Salesforce.com account from https://developer.salesforce.com/.